Vera Warchavchik

(Member of CP-UK)



As a Freudian psychoanalyst I have been seeing adults and adolescents in private practice for the last two decades. Currently I work at The Therapeutic Rooms and online, also volunteering as Counsellor at the WLM Highbury Counselling Centre – HCC.

I chose Psychoanalysis because it is an open-ended, individualised approach, in which the client is the true agent of the process, leading to consistent and lasting changes. Its founder, Sigmund Freud, initially referred to it as a “talking cure”, for it centres on free speech. Soon he proposed the name “Psycho-analysis” to highlight its ability to open up, and therefore work through, the complex, multi-layered and multi-determined unconscious thought-processes that create impasses and mental suffering. It has been continuously revised and practiced worldwide for more than a century and can respond effectively to contemporary issues.

I hold a degree in Clinical Psychology (CRP 06/36293) from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo – PUC-SP and trained as psychoanalyst at the “Training in Psychoanalysis Department” of the Sedes Sapientiae Institute in São Paulo, Brazil. I am a full member of that Department and until moving to London in 2016 I held a position there as a lecturer and clinical supervisor.


English and Portuguese


Member of the College of Psychoanalysts – CPUK (currently member of the Board)

Volunteer Counsellor at WLM Highbury Counselling Centre – HCC

Full member of the Department “Formation in Psychoanalysis” of the Sedes Sapientiae Institute – São Paulo, Brazil.


First interviews are £70.00

For ongoing sessions the fee will be established case by case