Netta Imber

Yoga Therapist



Netta has been certified by the renowned Minded Institute as a Yoga Therapist specialised in Mental Health.

Netta’s courses are directed to those experiencing different mental health condition such as stress, anxiety, depression, post-natal depression and PTSD. The specialised treatment of mental health courses involve a combination of yoga postures, breath work, mindfulness, meditation and neuroscience.

Netta’s past studies in posture impairments, Ergonomics and Gerontology (the study of ageing) and being a qualified yoga teacher allowed her to also work with people suffering and working to prevent Osteoperosis, cancer patients, ageing populations and those experiencing a variety of physical health conditions related to posture habits and mental health.

Netta hosts a Yoga for Anxiety workshop here at The Therapeutic Rooms. Head on over to our What’s On? page to find out more.

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