Leila Hill

Psychodynamic Counsellor and EMDR Therapist
(MBACP reg., BPC reg)



Whatever your reason for coming to therapy it’s likely to be accompanied by a desire to not have to cope on your own. A therapeutic relationship is unique and unlike any other; with commitment it can lead to profound changes in how you think, feel and choose to live your life. I am sensitive, open-minded and curious, with a focus on helping deepen your understanding and develop confidence in yourself.

I work psychodynamically, where we think about how experiences and relationships in early life subtly but powerfully inform the way you make sense of, and interact with, the world around you now.

My approach is predominantly talking therapy but alongside this I also offer EMDR, which is a specialist technique that helps reduce the lasting impact of trauma. It is effective with both single events and more complex/repeat experiences.

I chose to train in EMDR as it focuses on how trauma is experienced and held in the body, as well as the mind. Trauma affects almost all of us in some way or another, but it is only one part of who we are. EMDR can be a short-term focused piece of work or utilised, when appropriate, as part of open-ended longer term talking therapy.

Anyone is welcome – especially people with marginalised identities. I regularly invest in training to help me work inclusively, with particular interest in gender, sexuality and relationship diversity.

If you would like to talk about beginning (or returning to) therapy you can contact me by emailing leila@lbhtherapy.co.uk and we’ll schedule a short call to discuss next steps.

Extended EMDR sessions are available, please contact me directly to discuss.


£80 for 50 mins


Email: leila@lbhtherapy.co.uk

Phone: 07746786350