Dr. Gemma Beckley

Clinical Psychologist and Independent Transcendental Meditation Teacher
(HCPC reg.)


Small Group Courses starting with 1:1 instruction

I am a qualified full-time independent teacher of Transcendental Meditation (‘TM’) and have been running retreats and courses for many thousands of people from all walks of life, with a whole range of diagnoses for over 10 years. I formerly qualified as a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist with many years of experience working in the NHS (including teaching mindfulness). Having learnt TM myself at the age of 6 and with decades of my own personal practice, I experienced the power of this transformative technique and chose to make teaching it to others my focus. I teach on behalf of the registered UK charity the Meditation Trust (of which I am director of teaching) which offers courses for up to 50% off standard UK course fees, making TM accessible and affordable for all, and we run regular courses at The Therapeutic Rooms every 4-6 weeks.

TM can be learned by people as young as 6 years old – irrespective of beliefs, ability or background. It is an easy technique to learn and practice, even for those with the most active minds!

There are many forms of meditation, all having different procedures, goals, and outcomes. Transcendental Meditation (TM), which comes from the heart of the Yoga tradition, is significantly different from other forms of meditation in that no concentration, control, or even training of the mind is involved. Instead, because of its complete understanding of the nature of the mind, it’s an effortless, natural technique, simply sitting comfortably on a chair thinking a mantra silently.

Learning TM does not require analysis or discussion of problems, (apart from a very brief and simple application form) because of the very subtle level at which it works. So, it is very compatible with, and enhances, other treatments including psychological therapy and mindfulness (as indicated both by research and anecdotal evidence).

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Course Fees

A contribution according to household income is requested, with a bursary available to those in financial difficulty. Free support and guidance for life is included to ensure ongoing satisfaction.

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