Beatrice Pelissier

Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Hypnobirthing Teacher



Beatrice has been facilitating meditation, yoga Nidra (deep guided meditation) and mindfulness since 2012. She studied in depth Yoga Nidra, the Eastern guided meditation style, in India, at the University in France and London. She attended various meditation retreats for up to 17 days and positive psychology courses. She practices on a daily basis, regularly attends the 8-weeks Mindfulness or Compassion courses in London.

She started practicing meditation in 2006 to cope with stress as she was working in the financial IT world. In 2009 she introduced some tools to her colleagues which improved interpersonal relationships, boosted productivity and enhanced overall sense of work satisfaction.

Beatrice mainly facilitates meditation groups in offices.

“I know how stressful it can be in the office and I found that a little moment to pause had a big impact on how I could respond to the challenges of the day.”