Amy Jo Spitalier

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist
(BPC, UKCP reg.)



Certain life events, transitions, or longstanding struggles can cause our usual ways of coping to break down, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and extremely distressed. To continue to function, drugs, alcohol, food, self harm, sex, social media, a depressive state or abusive behaviour can be used to numb the distress or stand in for what feels missing. But this often leads to feelings of guilt, shame, anger or blame – whether of oneself or others. It can feel like being trapped in a loop of unsatisfactory or harmful relationships, or like reaching a dead-end, with confusion about finding a meaningful path ahead.

Grounded in experience working with all of the issues above, I am interested in helping you understand your current situation, and using our joint reflection help you find a way forward to change and grow instead of repeating painful patterns. Having your own personal story and unique set of feelings and circumstances addressed in a safe, empathic and confidential setting can lead to a very different, freeing perspective. To achieve this I offer ongoing as well as time-limited psychodynamic psychotherapy to adults of all ages and identities meeting weekly online and once per month in person.

In addition to private practice I have worked as an honorary psychotherapist for an NHS drugs and alcohol service. I hold an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies from the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, and a PgDip in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from WPF Therapy. A parallel longstanding role in the creative arts has given me direct insight into the challenges of living authentically in a world that can feel ruled by appearance and image.

For current availability or to discuss the possibility of working together, please email me at


£90 per session.


English, French